History of Our Club

Norwich District Curling Club (NDCC) has an interesting story. From starting at the Norwich arena to building our current club house, with upgrades along the way, this is how NDCC became the club it is today.

Starting, in February 1956, a group of 102 men and 24 women received permission to curl once a week at the Norwich arena. Once interest began to pick up for the sport, they were able to increase their curling to two nights a week. With more and more people wanting to join the sport, along with some push back from the arena, it was decided that it was time to find a new building for curling.

They looked at many buildings but none were suited for what was needed. They came up with a budget of $70,000 to build a new curling club. With only a $15,000 loan from the bank, members came together and worked very hard to fundraise the remaining $55,000.

On May 6, 1968 the board of directors held their first official meeting where they motioned to build the curling club. The club then purchased the land for $1 from the Norwich Township and construction started on May 31, 1968. After the building was complete, the first stone was thrown in Norwich District Curling Club on December 2, 1968.

The first decade was a busy time for the club with membership growing at such a fast pace they needed extra draws to help accommodate all the members. By 1975, it was decided that not only did they need accommodate members with ice time but also with space. As a result, the board motioned that they expand the clubhouse by adding a men’s and women’s change rooms and lounge area that are still in use today.

The 2000’s brought in new hope to the club. New fundraising ideas were imperative to help cover the rising costs of maintaining the club. A member suggested a banquet and auction which has brought in over $40,000 dollars to date and is an event members continue to look forward to at the end of the curling season.

In 2003, the club was able to invest in a set of little rocks, from Morrisburg curling club, with donations from various members.The following December, the “Little Rocks” program started which opened up the sport for children ages 6 – 14.  It was a great success with 22 kids coming down to the club every Monday night in order to learn about and participate in curling. Since then, more little rocks have been purchased and the “Little Rocks” is still showing great promise with the youth in our community.

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